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Diana Gaffney, Roadside Raven.

Roadside Raven is committed to sharing information supporting a flexible, healthy professional lifestyle. It’s focused on women in tech, diversity, inclusion and where areas are evolving to build a stronger workforce of women at all levels and areas of technology.

After working in a “48/7” IT role, I decided to look differently at the direction technology can take us professionally. There is a strong growing network in today’s tech world that supports a healthy balanced professional and personal lifestyle. After attending various networking events and meet ups in San Francisco, New York and London, I found myself sharing a lot of information and resources with like-minded individuals. I decided to take some time to share that information here.


Why the Raven?


“Ravens, like humans, are not “pre-wired”… Their behavior is spontaneous and evolving as they solve life’s problems”. (from The Mind of the Raven by Bernard Heinrich.)

Did you know ravens are highly intelligent, ranking high with dolphins and chimpanzees? They are creative problem solvers and excellent survivors. This piece by Mental Floss shares how ravens are adaptable, creative and empathic. They can also mimic humans. No doubt they are more intelligent than most people!

Humans evolve through time, but we lose our spontaneity when we are tethered by technology. Addressing that problem can make our world a flexible positive place to live and work.

Are you on a similar journey to live a more flexible professional lifestyle? Share your thoughts, experiences and insights with a Comment or contact us at more@roadsideraven.com.




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